About Us

The Young Frontiers (YF) is membership organization founded in 2016 and officially registered as a Community Based Organization in August 2021. Young Frontiers is an organization founded to deliberate on Gender Based issues and co-ordinate activities pertaining to governance and human rights.

Our Motivation

The organization was founded to enhance capacities of the community and stakeholders to participate on matters of human rights, social justice and nation building.

Young Frontiers upholds and further recognizes the need of enlightening and continuously building reliable bridges of peace towards a developing nation. We believe in an informed and transformed community where young people are pace setters and central in pursuit of positive transformation.

We are guided by the Human rights Charter and stand by “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.”

How & Where We Work

Young Frontiers convenes on a weekly basis that brings all members together to discuss, brainstorm and plan positive activities that could assist in realization of our common dream of raising a responsible and transformative generation of young people.
The meeting sets the activities and agenda that are implemented by Young Frontiers on a monthly basis, making the group visibly constructive and actively involved. We work within Eastland settlements and Nairobi County.

Our Partners

  • Trained peace ambassadors.
  • Working with GBV survivors in informal settlements and help improve livelihood.
  • Partnerships and membership increased and wide areas covered
  • Increased number of sensitized youths and continuous engagement with the Nairobi County Government on Service delivery to the people.
  • YF members took part in the last general elections monitoring
  • We successfully organized forums to raise youth consciousness in the Eastland and wider Nairobi County on their stakes, roles and responsibilities in community and national development.
Future Plans
  • Work with partner organizations in and outside the community and the country.
  • To work with partner organizations to end Gender based Violence and ensure policies are implemented and create awareness and speaking out against human rights violations.
    To Collaborate with other organisations to stop child trafficking, prostitution and labour slavery.
  • Organize and conduct constitutional and legal clinics education programmes to raise the civic awareness of our community.
  • Conduct outreach programmes to all the existing wards in all Constituencies in Eastland, and create a network of organizations to sustain such programme.